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TOCYO's Approach Managing People Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

TOCYO's Approach Managing People - Assignment Example The report will discuss the issues that were currently being faced by the company. The company was in quite a lot of mess there were many issues in nearly all the departments of the company as well as the management alos had issues amongst themselves. The report will identify the issues, present the causes of the issues and then present a solution for the problem. The only solution for the company is to bring about a whole revamping era into his firm so as to make sure that they can grab back their marketing share and as well as start making profits. INTRODUCTION The company was founded by Harold Bennett who was an ex-marine engineer, he company was working successfully under him and there were no serious issues, but when issues started to raise their heads, he sold the company to another person and stopped his interference in the company, but later when once again the company was losing out on its market share the new owner decided to sell it. Gordon Bennett, who was a family member of the founder felt that the company should once again come back into the family decided to undergo a management buyout. ... Each departmental head was on the look out to create benefit for themselves and for her friends. The employee were not being paid properly, there was serious discrepancies in the pays that were being handed out and the employees hence felt degraded and left out. There were serious financial drains in the company in the form of part time workers and failed experiments. Also, some of the departmental heads had made many things an egotistical issue, when there was no such thing. The departmental head had also failed to account for the cultural structure of Mexico where unionism is quite strong and hence the difference in payments was treated as a huge issue. One major thing in the company was the increasing nepotism which always leads to the downfall of companies. Another major issue that he is currently facing is in relation to the relocation, if he merges the two units there will be some layoffs, but it would result in major cost savings, he has to make a decision about it as well and soon, and make sure that decision is in the favor of the employees and the company as a whole. Management Currently there are many issues in the management; in fact some of the major issues which are then leading to smaller issues are emerging from the management. The HR department at first needs a serious bit of change, although Swagg has a lot of experience in the same industry but she really lacks the honesty and the vigor that should be in her as a part of HR department. The kind of employees that you are hire are the ones that really make a difference in today’s business, employees help you create the niche that gives you a competitive advantage in the long run. She should know that

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The analysis of the play Los Vendidos by Luis Valdez Research Paper

The analysis of the play Los Vendidos by Luis Valdez - Research Paper Example The treatment of immigrants is surely different in every part of the world. A few welcome the new comers while mostly welcome them by taunts, sarcastic remarks, laughter, irony, and amusement. This becomes quiet irritating for the people who are already new in a certain setup, environment and people. The best behavior of the neighbors adds to their annoyance and frustration. It is not that they do not respect the cultures and the traditions around; it’s just that they need time to settle and get accustomed to the rituals. Most of the people, of the threat of being discriminated, try to change their nationality and identity. The past which they tend to forget is the most threatening thing for them and for their culture. They try to eradicate themselves as the citizens of their previous land and try to make new identities by merging into the society. This is a great threat to all the cultures and civilizations. However, the people who refuse to amalgamate in a new costume always are the target of the degradation and humiliation and that is what makes their refusal and resistance more powerful. (Velazquez, 1997). If the heritage and the culture are lost then there is nothing left either for them or for their children to claim any hierarchy or property or values, ethics or traditions. 2.2 The ways that Los Vendidos reveals the problem: The one-act play Los Vendidos reveals the truth and the facts within our society. The racism though is everywhere yet is always denied. Valdez portrays the behavior of