Monday, July 29, 2019

Concept of Managerial Escalator Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Concept of Managerial Escalator - Coursework Example In addition to the skills, the inner personality of the individual seeking or playing the role of the manager also plays a vital contributory role in determining his success as a manager. It is commonly misunderstood among the business studies and circles that management is the responsibility of few people who are at the leading positions in the organization. The reality is the management functions are spread through all the levels of the organization and every other individual is involved in one or other type of management activity. As the organization has several functions and the individuals serving in various departments have specialized skills in the function they are performing, it is quite logical that the managers of that very area also have the specialized skills. It happens that the people with increased expertise in their specialized skills are supposed to perform better than the one who has comparatively less experience. With the passage of time, they assume or are assigned the supervisory role, helping and guiding the other junior members about how the activity is to be planned and carried out. They also benefit others with the skills and tips they have self-learned in that field with the virtue of their experience. Gradually they achieve higher positions and formal supervisory roles. A stage comes where they design the standard operating procedures of the function in which they are expert and the organization tends to consider them an authority in that function. This gradual progression towards the managerial positions in the organization by acquiring enhanced expertise in their specialized field is called managerial escalator (Rees & Porter, 2008). As per the authors, the managerial escalation is directly related to the level of specialized skills in one’s field.  

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