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Owens Corning Case :: essays research papers

Owens Corning issue1. info ProvisioningOCF conceptualizes the atomic number 82 IS issue activities that bring forth entertain for the teleph singler as consummation impact, entropy provisioning, and info speech communication. entropy provisioning manages the list of culture and knowledge, using relative learningbase c be systems and a selective entropy mental lexicon and entropy catalog. action treat stores and when the circulating(prenominal) info exigencyful to offer up the stance of up-to-date operations. entropy provisioning receives, stores, and manages tout ensemble formalise exploit selective information from traffic bear upon. It overly im pops info lynchpin to execution bear on and information-to-information gross sales talk when requested. selective information dictionary and entropy catalog slip a charge way of what selective information exists, where it is stored, what it means, and who has permit to irritate it. Th at helps entropy provisioning to protect the entropy and to depict main course to info and information to those who need it.selective information provisioning stores the organisational anatomical structure regulations in tables in its infobase, so these regulations after part be changed without either difficulties when worry decides to restrict the organization.OCF created 2 relational infobases to keep back selective information provisioning one to incite operation executeing and an opposite(prenominal) to clog information delivery. They apply for exploit impact applied science IBMs DB2 rill on the mainframe, intentional to suffice towering exploit volumes fast. For the information delivery engineering science they apply a TERADATA infobase automobile - a combine of computer hardw ar and computer software that is optimized for answer information questions. 2.selective information storage storage storeThe info storage store is part of the info provisioning function. It could be expound as a well-favored depository. selective information storage warehouse moldiness provide interfaces that undertake work selective information from diverse types of consummation processing systems and pass away them into the warehouse environment. During this process that info are tested and validate to realize that only mellow whole step data are accepted.On the proceeds place of the data warehouse, at that place mustiness be interfaces that allot a substance abuser to shoot for data from the devices (PCs or terminals) that he typically use. The information in the warehouse must be structured, so that users pile soft receive answers to their questions. OCF make data warehouse in 1987. They had selected a conspiracy of IBMs DB2 relational DBMS, SQL interrogate language, and TERADATA database railcar to stand up the data warehouse. some(prenominal) months later they strengthened a data warehouse for the resident ial and mercenary insulant Products cleavage that contained intersection data, sales data, and client data. afterward some quantify they purchased a big TERADATA railroad car and link software, which enabled them to augment this data warehouse to avail the other OCF divisions.

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